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In planetary connectedness: We in Wuppertal-Oberbarmen are calling out to the world!

Since we are all now mostly at home, our view of the outside world is changing. We are wondering: What is different? When and how will it go on from here? We are longing for the things we miss. But we having also new experiences, we are looking at things more closely.

Please send us your view from your window AND a personal message: a sign of life, how you’re doing and what you’re thinking about.

Send us a message on our Whatsapp desert line: +49 (0) 163 151 6799 or by email:

We will be presenting the photos and messages:

What we need from you:
• A photo of the view from your window (feel free to include a bit of windowframe or windowsill). The photo should be taken with the highest resolution possible.
• A short message, either as a text or voice recording.
• Your first name (real or made up), and the city or city district in which you live.